The Vision Lab

About 3 times a week we had one-hour sessions in the athletic facility’s “Innovation Center”, colloquially known as the Vision Lab. In addition to working on our hand-eye-brain-body coordination in the vision lab with our vision coach, Grant, we also had on-field vision training once a week. The science behind training in the vision lab tells us that the brain and decision making centers of our body work just like any other muscle – if you train then they will become stronger, faster, and better.

Features coming soon
‣   A more detailed description and explanation of the Vision Lab
‣   Exercises we did for “eye warm-ups” than anyone can do in 5 minutes
‣   In-depth information about each “station” in the lab and all variations we did with each exercise
‣   More photos
‣   Videos of refs in the vision lab
‣   Documents for in-home vision training such as charts to print out

Objectives, what this means for YOU
  Here you will find resources for your own vision and decision making training
‣   The resources and training methods we learned about in the vision lab were all catered specifically to rugby referees
‣   Fast decision making and the being able to physically react properly to stresses and decisions is essential for referees
‣   This was one of the most unique and fun parts of the academy and I’m excited to show you! 

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