Emily’s NDS 2017 Notes

Last weekend I went to the 2017 National Development Summit (NDS) in Baltimore, MD. I learned a TON and am excited to share my notes! I approached the 3 days ready to soak it all up with an open-mind and tried to look at things through a critical ref lens, challenging myself to think about how lessons and tools could benefit everyone and translate across different disciplines.

Cheesin' with a CHAMP :)
Cheesin’ with a CHAMP :) [Chuck Aoki]
These are the sessions I participated in:

  • Richie Walker & Ryan Carlyle, HP Friday
  • Deliberate Practice and Active Training for Refs, Kurt Weaver
  • Principle of Refereeing: the Tactical & Strategic Approach, Richard Every
  • SA Refs Academy and Coaching Philosophy, Hendrik Greyvenstein
  • Pathways for Refs & the New Review System, Marc Nelson & Richard Every
  • The Breakdown: Trends & Triggers, Riaan van Greuning
  • Diversity Panel with Jason Thompson and Rosalind Chou
  • Diversity in Sport: Bridging the Gap in Rugby, Chuck Aoki
  • Open Q&A with Richie Walker, Ryan Carlyle, and Alev Kelter
  • 7s and 15s Game Management Guidelines, Richard Every
  • Technology in Refereeing, Marc Nelson

See my notes after the jump!

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Emily’s NDS 2017 Notes

Hello, World!

Thanks for joining me at a new beginning of my blog :) Over 15 months have passed without an update, but I’m here now to revitalize this space! I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions so I won’t make any presidential promises about the blog… besides, I’m more about SMART goals anyway :P

In a clean up attempt, I switched to a simpler blog theme that conveniently hides the unruly, old menu behind the menu icon in the top right of this page :) You can navigate to old blog posts through the Archives or by clicking the “Older Posts” button at the bottom of the Home page. The half-finished SA Refs Academy (Maties) content is still hanging around in the sitemap links.

Some numbers!
gamesreffedWoah! That’s a lot! A lot has happened since my last post- there’s been a ton of rugby, thousands of lessons learned, and buckets of fun, so please stay tuned!

More on this weekend at the National Development Summit, New Year’s Resolutions, and 2016 Highlights after the jump.

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Hello, World!