Emily’s NDS 2017 Notes

Last weekend I went to the 2017 National Development Summit (NDS) in Baltimore, MD. I learned a TON and am excited to share my notes! I approached the 3 days ready to soak it all up with an open-mind and tried to look at things through a critical ref lens, challenging myself to think about how lessons and tools could benefit everyone and translate across different disciplines.

Cheesin' with a CHAMP :)
Cheesin’ with a CHAMP :) [Chuck Aoki]
These are the sessions I participated in:

  • Richie Walker & Ryan Carlyle, HP Friday
  • Deliberate Practice and Active Training for Refs, Kurt Weaver
  • Principle of Refereeing: the Tactical & Strategic Approach, Richard Every
  • SA Refs Academy and Coaching Philosophy, Hendrik Greyvenstein
  • Pathways for Refs & the New Review System, Marc Nelson & Richard Every
  • The Breakdown: Trends & Triggers, Riaan van Greuning
  • Diversity Panel with Jason Thompson and Rosalind Chou
  • Diversity in Sport: Bridging the Gap in Rugby, Chuck Aoki
  • Open Q&A with Richie Walker, Ryan Carlyle, and Alev Kelter
  • 7s and 15s Game Management Guidelines, Richard Every
  • Technology in Refereeing, Marc Nelson

See my notes after the jump!

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Emily’s NDS 2017 Notes