Hello, World!

Thanks for joining me at a new beginning of my blog :) Over 15 months have passed without an update, but I’m here now to revitalize this space! I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions so I won’t make any presidential promises about the blog… besides, I’m more about SMART goals anyway :P

In a clean up attempt, I switched to a simpler blog theme that conveniently hides the unruly, old menu behind the menu icon in the top right of this page :) You can navigate to old blog posts through the Archives or by clicking the “Older Posts” button at the bottom of the Home page. The half-finished SA Refs Academy (Maties) content is still hanging around in the sitemap links.

Some numbers!
gamesreffedWoah! That’s a lot! A lot has happened since my last post- there’s been a ton of rugby, thousands of lessons learned, and buckets of fun, so please stay tuned!

More on this weekend at the National Development Summit, New Year’s Resolutions, and 2016 Highlights after the jump.


Re: The NDS

This weekend I’m attending the National Development Summit in Baltimore, MD. It’ll be my third NDS!

  • The first NDS I went to was in 2014. I had just started reffing, just received the Shanager Morrison Scholarship, was a few months away from leaving to train full-time in South Africa, was a wide-eyed eager beaver, and couldn’t run an 11 on the beep test yet :P
  • The second NDS I went to was in 2015. I gave a talk about my experience at the SA Refs Academy! Around that time I also had a crazy (silly) idea of starting a web series about rugby… that happened, and then it ended. ^^;; “Project Rugby TV” feels a little embarrassing now. It’s like the feeling you get when you look at old pictures from your recent past and think, “What was I doing?? What was I thinking??” but it hasn’t been long enough to be like, “Aw, those were the times. I was such a cute and awkward baby/teenager/college kid/n00b” yet.
  • At my third NDS this weekend I’ll be “just” a participant, and I’m excited to soak it all up – the talks, the conversations, the critical thinking, and the community problem solving. Can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones!

Re: Resolutions

On resolutions… I usually make vague, generalized statements and set myself up for disappointment. It took me way too long to realize I could set SMART goals for my non-rugby life too. ><

Examples of “New Year’s Resolutions” / “big ideas” I had in the past:

  • Write More
  • Read more
  • Talk to my dad more
  • Sleep more
  • Train more

Lol. So simple. XD

Re: The Future

I’m excited about what the future of rugby holds for all of us :) Thanks for re-joining me on this journey. What kind of adventure awaits? What does the future hold? What’s going to happen in Season 2 of Westworld?? Only time (and maybe Professor Trelawney) can tell.

Re: The Past, #RefLife Highlights of 2016

  • Reffing my first Cup Final at College 7s with the Cobber Whistle
  • Being surprised and humbled again with the women’s final at Club 7s
  • Training with JLui all winter and spring, then embarking on our #springladyreftour to Atlanta 7s, Vegas 7s, reffing on the main pitch in Vegas, Big Ten 7s Championships, and all over New England
  • Being an AR in my first test matches (!!!) and being part of the women’s super series (!!!) in Salt Lake City
  • Reffing in Infinity Park for the first time during Serevi 7s B-)
  • Reffing in the WPL for the first time! Especially this game.
  • Traveling to see and ref BWRFC friends all over the country <3
  • My first international 7s tourney – RAN 7s Championships. And eating Doubles in Trinidad.
  • And topping off the year with NASCs at Tigertown in Lakeland, FL, spending my New Years with the top players in the country – what a privilege.

So many special moments, memories, and friends. Grateful for you all <3

So much love for your support <3
Hello, World!

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