Thank You, Don.

[READ] Don Morrison’s Legacy

I have so much to thank you for. I would not be where I am today without you and everything you’ve done for the game. Thanks, Don.

They say it better:

Four years ago today, I refereed my first actual rugby match between two understanding and patient teams. Since then, I’ve had some life changing experiences (including those with more or less patient teams) and met some of the most incredible people that I never would have met without refereeing. Two years ago, I was lucky enough to be sent to New Zealand to continue developing as a referee with the Canterbury Referees as the first recipient of the Don Morrison (now Shanagher Morrison) Scholarship. One year ago, I was just as lucky to have Don on the sideline of my game to evaluate my performance. I’ve yet to meet someone as astute, generous and strong as Don was and give back the the Game like he did.

-Amelia Luciano

Don Morrison has called full-time in a match of life which had several overtime periods. He fought an implacable enemy and won many unexpected and well-cherished reprives. Frankly he did this so often that to hear he has passed is almost more shocking than the first news, years ago, of his diagnosis.

Don was on record as saying “No woman will ever be capable of reffing Super League.” This was his well-founded opinion based on analysis and not simply misogyny.

When I proved on the pitch that to the satisfaction of his analysis that the gender aspect of that opinion was irrelevant, he became one of my staunchest supporters. And he left gender out of all future analysis of referee performance.

Anyone can have an opinion, anyone can be blindly supportive. But to be able to say my opinion was wrong & I’m supporting with my eyes fully open – that takes a special integrity.

-Dana Teagarden

Thank You, Don.

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