Chasing Dreams – RugbyTV is born!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

My friends and I have been calling 2015 the “Year of Change” for quite some time, and now it is finally upon us! Sometimes they accuse me of getting started on my own Year of Change early because I resigned from my full-time job in October. It’s true – I got a head start on another big and exciting year :D I have a lot of grand plans for this year with regards to rugby as well as a lot of questions marks, but I’ve learned in the last 2 months that even without a clear path forward, if I focus on my ultimate goals and try my best to sprint toward them, the (long and windy) road will eventually lead me closer.

Something I’ve been spending a lot of energy on is bringing a long-time dream of mine to life – RugbyTV. A few days ago I released the first Episode! Whenever I call it “Episode 1” I think of phantom menaces, light sabers, and Star Wars, but there are none of those in my video. It’s an introduction to what I envision for the future of the show. Check it out below and if you like what you see, subscribe to Project Rugby TV on YouTube and like the Facebook page!

Bonus update: Next weekend will mark 2 years out from when I took my level 1 referee course and had the most amazing Lord of the Rings movie feastathon weekend in New York :) Cheers!

p.s. Don’t forget that I’ve been updating the Virtual Ref Academy portion of this website every week! My current focus is bringing you my classroom notes.

Chasing Dreams – RugbyTV is born!

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