Fall Wrap-up

It’s time to say my last goodbye to the fall season as ~winter~ is officially here and the days are getting longer!

The fall 2014 season was a whirlwind of adventure. I’ve been thinking of writing a “fall wrap-up” for quite some time, but keep delaying because summarizing the entire season is an intimidating task. A lot has happened since August and I feel like a simple blog post won’t do it justice. Nevertheless, here are some highlights from my 2nd fall season reffing!

  • Item acquired: GoPro Hero 3
  • Item equipped: GoPro headcam
  • Quests completed:
    • Reffed over 30 games
    • Reffed in 3 states
    • Reffed preseason camps, practices, league matches, and playoff games
    • Reffed womens’ and mens’ college and club teams
    • Trained with local ruggers, refs, and friends 4x/week
    • Survived a weekend of 6 games
    • AR’d 3 Men’s D1 club matches
    • Did not perish of dehydration
    • Did not perish from frostbite in November
    • Recovered from the worst game of my career (lowlight)
  • Side quests:
    • Attended 2 weekend weddings in California and DC
    • Squeezed in a visit to NY
    • Began exploring new and unfamiliar lands of entrepreneurial rugby adventures (projectrugby.tv)
  • Leveled up: promoted to C1 in November
  • Gear upgrades:
    • New boots, feet durability +10
    • Cleaner whistles
I had some fun with numbers

Looking forward, I see a long road ahead. Even though the endgame is far away and the path to it is not always easy to find, my objective is crystal clear: Olympics 2020. With that dream mind, I pulled out my pen and paper in November and did some goal-setting and road mapping for this winter. That’s coming in the next update so please stay tuned!

Fall Wrap-up

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