I am…

Introducing the 1st (or 2nd) blog post in a series of many MATIES MEMORIES!

In week 6 of the Maties ref academy, 4 SA ref academy guys joined us. We introduced ourselves using acrostic poems with liberal interpretations of where the letters and adjectives needed to fall. I tried to do something different than what I always did growing up when we were given these kinds of tasks in school. Transcribed directly from my notebook:

E nergetic and very Excited to be here in SA. I love
M iddle Earth & other Tolkien & LOTR works. Often
I ndecisive, but hopefully not on the pitch.
L ove rugby & refereeing
Y oung & Youthful.
H appy!
S elf belief
I ndependent
E ntrepreneurially minded
H opeful. Honest.

You can tell I spent most of my time figuring out how to spell “EMILY” and rushed to throw down a few meh-whatever-words for “HSIEH” when the rest of the group was presenting their poems.

I am…

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