Ash, don’t forget your underwear!

No, I didn’t forget to pack my underwear (although I did once for a ski trip when I was younger), but this first day of travel has built up a lot of excitement and anticipation for the unknown —- I don’t even know how I’m feeling!! I imagine it might be something like Ash’s first day before he set out on his own to become a Pokemon master, or at least a similar feeling of excited uncertainty. Because this is rugby, I have no idea who’s meeting me at the airport but I have good faith that someone will scoop me up and I’ll be on my way!


Here are some thoughts I’ve had during the 1.5 days of travel:

• The rugby gods must’ve been with me. I got a free 2nd checked bag and was selected for speedy security (the first time that’s happened for me!)
• The watch strats from Dana are very helpful: change your watch to the time of your next destination when you get on the plane.
• Waterwaterwaterwaterwaterwater the whole way.
• Man, I love flying – I never get tired of the amazement and awe of flight mechanics, even though I’ve forgotten what we learned in fluids about them. I still get nerd chills, especially now after the paper airplane escapades in the office.
• Watched the sunrise ^^
• Flying over Amsterdam, I keep thinking about the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and its ceiling that we learned about in Modern Architecture with Neumann.
• Amsterdam looks beautiful! Wish I could stay and have a look and feel around but onwards to Cape Town!
• Forgot that there are different power outlets in Europe (hello spring break in Scotland, I’m looking at you.)
• Compression socks seem to be working? My legs feel great!
• This is my 2nd time flying over the Atlantic. It’s always for rugby :)
• Things I could do better next time: get up and walk around the planes more

BONUS: Pikachu’s voice actress

I also submitted a post to YSC and tentatively named it “Refereeing Abroad, brought to you by LOTR, Pokemon, Video Games, and the Don Morrison Scholarship” but decided on a simpler title.

Ash, don’t forget your underwear!

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