Year 1 in Review

Continuing with reflections as I promised in the New Year, New Directions blog post, here are more feelings I have about my first year since becoming a certified ref!

• Games reffed: 59
• Tries awarded: ~300
• Points awarded: >1700
• Camp invited to: 1
• States traveled to (not thru) for rugby: RI, MA, NH, NY, MD, GA
• Coins flipped and lost: too many
• Concussions had: ZEROOOO
• Haircuts had: also zero
• Times I dreamt of “being dehydrated since September”: 1
• New braces acquired: 1 (wrist)
• Injuries re-aggravated: L shoulder, R knee, R hamstring, R wrist, R foot

Lessons Learned (the first brainstorm) • “Just do it” -Nike.
• Constantly remind myself, don’t be afraid to fail
• Talk to everyone and learn lots!
• Don’t be afraid to aim high
• If you’re genuine people will believe in your mission too :) (Brian, my brother, says he likes listening to me talk about rugby and that the love, excitement, and energy really shines through.)
• On coaches: WOW. Having a coach really pushed me to be accountable and do what I promise
• Don’t promise more than I can do (like this blog- don’t promise myself that I’ll update it every week because that’s setting myself up to fail.)
• It’s okay not to blog and publish all the material I collected – it’s unreasonable to make this a stressful activity because all of this is FUN
• Maybe I should feel freer to dump the collection of treasures without organizing or polishing them, like the dump of skulls on Aragorn and friends in the Paths of the Dead

Lessons Learned (the second brainstorm on a train ride)
• It’s as hard to update the blog every week as it is to catch a mewtwo with a great ball or take the Pass of Caradhras with Saruman creating avalanches on you
• There is so much more to rugby and the global community that refereeing opened my eyes to! (And it makes me feel like a small speck of dust in the Milky Way)
• But I’m going to make like the USS enterprise and explore strange new worlds
• There will never be a perfect game, and I’ll always make mistakes or have less than ideal judgment, but be able to move on and use it as motivation to improve!
• Take risks and push the edges of your comfortability – put yourself out there and maybe good things will happen! Do as much as you can so you don’t regret how you spent your time. Like the sensei says, if you ask, the worst they can say is “no” and you’re no worse off than not trying at all
• Make your own luck by being prepared
• Surround yourself with people who believe in your goals and aspirations- tell people your goals and aspirations!
• Have fun
• Don’t forget to pause, breathe, and live. It’s ok to relax and watch Starcraft sometimes. Don’t feel guilty for taking breaks for mental health, but also don’t lie to yourself and make lazy excuses. The Buddhist middle way! “Not too much, not too little”
• There is so much to learn!!!!!
• Practice saying “thank you”s instead of “sorry”s more, Emily. For example, “thanks for running slowly with me, Nik.” instead of “sorry you have to run at my slow pace, Nik.” Rather than making people feel guilty, it makes them feel appreciated and recognized for helping you out!
• People believe in me, are invested in me. I won’t let them down! Not that I “can’t” let them down, but I choose not to!
• And as always, I LOVE RUGBY :)

I’m uncertain about the future nature of this blog, but please bear with me as I make changes and embark on Year 2 of my adventure!!!!!! Thanks for reading :)

Year 1 in Review

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