The EA Challenge Begins

The following is an account of how the first “Elite Athlete Challenge” page came to be. There are 2 parts to the “EA [games] Challenge [everything]” story – this is part 1. Part 2 is here. For the most recent updates about my training, please visit the “Ref Training” page.

Year twenty-fourteen of the second age… here follows the account of Emily Hsieh and her quest to become an Elite Athlete

Around mid-December of 2013 something momentous happened – I got invited to a referee development camp! (WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!) It’ll be held in parallel with Atlanta 7s, the 2nd stop of the Women’s 7s World Series. In light of this, Dana suggested that I reorganize my thoughts around SMART goals that support my aspiration of becoming an IRB Panel and Olympic referee. In late-December I sat down (actually I went on a long run) and drafted a game plan with long and short term targets, and in the first Skype chat of the new year the master jedi shared a few great pieces of wisdom, as always. This time many of the life pro tips were focused on fitness and being an elite athlete. To cut to the chase, one of my daily goals, or “dailies” as we like to call them in the WoW community, is to go to sleep and wake up each day on purpose. I think if I can establish regimented sleep habits, then all else will follow. Here’s an account of what’s happened since then.

Greate advice from Dana

  • Plan what you’re going to do in training the night before 
  • Working upper and lower ranges of lactic (anaerobic/aerobic) capacity is more effective and efficient than coasting in the middle
  • 2 things that must be long term efforts are 1. Sleep 2. Nutrition

My ever-evolving plans

  • Dailies consist of: 1. Wake up without snoozing >10min 2. Train for the beep test in some capacity 3. Practice some form of role playing (front row chats to start) 4. Soft-tissue work!! (ROLL) 5. Did you do the 5 exercises you should do everyday? 6. Go to sleep on purpose.
  • With a little more than 4 weeks until Atlanta, do speed endurances 3x/week. Continue with Mike Boyle’s Strength & Conditioning (MBSC) 2x/week. Fill in the rest. Don’t forget to schedule rest

Here are details from the first 5 days after I embarked on this quest:

Day 1.

Monday 1/6/2014 Training: 
AM: 3 mile run on treadmill at office gym.
PM: Boyle’s. (Plyos, BW Circuit, Lifting, Conditioning)

Chicken, Pears, Zucchini, Squash, Chayote Melons, Carrots, Rice

I woke up around 7am after a grossly late night at the office on Sunday night, cooked some veggies to fill out my lunch, and headed to the office gym. Daaaamn it was so crowded! No doubt it was the New Year’s resolution season. I hopped on the treadmill for a morning run at pace. As I was running I pictured myself as one of the characters I used to play in WoW, running around Azeroth going about daily quests, never slowing down or wavering in determination. After the workout I cleaned up for my business-casual day at work and got to my cube before 9AM- nice! At lunch I walked over to the mall to buy a wrist guard because of my growing (and painful) ganglion cyst :/ and spent a little too long looking at tech and gadgets around the mall. I went back to the office, did tons of work, went to the gym, acquired a “Go USA Sochi 2014” Tee, had dinner, worked on my DM Scholarship essays, and finished my dailies. Today I learned that (1) It’s nice to move slowly in the morning if you have enough time, (2) You don’t have to really shower to shower and (3) TG I finished my project and found the patients last night.

Day 2.

Tuesday 1/7/2014 Training:
Full Boyle’s warmup – roll, roller stretches, glute activation, wall lunches, shoulder crawl, calisthenics, etc.
Warmup 1/2 mile
“The Ed” Circuit x 2: 30 air squats, 25 kettle bell swings, 10 push ups, 20 burpees, 15 star jumps  for time. Rest 15 min. Do it again. Holy crap. HR ~ 185 bpm

Day 2 Dinner

Before today I’ve only done the circuit once through in a day. Since I’m becoming an Elite Athlete I thought I’d step it up and do it twice! The kettle bell swings were done with a 20#db, push ups were half-fist because of my wrist injury, burpees were pancake burpees, and of course for each star jump I yelled “Imma star [number]!”. The new t-shirt I got last night was impressively good at either sweat wicking or sweat cloaking. It’s unclear what was happening!

Day 3.

Wednesday 1/8/2014 Training:

Day 3 Dinner

Commentary: I had some noticeable improvements at the gym today! 80# SLDLs, Pistol squats / single leg squats with 15# press- complete ROM all the way down (the paaaaaaain), finally back to 50#DB snatches, and more reps on the slideboards than I achieved before (24-24-25-27-27 in 30sec on, 60sec off).

Day 4.

BLESS MY BARK we’re going to be assigned as match officials in Atlanta!(!!!!!!!!!!!) I’M SO (nervous-)EXCITED!
Thursday 1/9/2014 Training:
Beep test in a deserted office space.
5 x 50m floats
5 x 50m 100% sprints, jog-walk recovery

Day 4 Dinner

Day 5.

Friday 1/10/2014 Training:
Bike intervals for 45min, 1 on 1 off
15 min high resistance
15 min lower resistance
15 min high resistance
110/120 rpm on/off targets
High HR 180+
Low HR 150-160
16.65 miles total

Food (I  LOVE Momhsieh’s cooking!):
Day 5 Dinner

Continuing from here, I’ll be posting on a shared fitness blog whose membership has dwindled…

The EA Challenge Begins

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