Notes from my scorecards this fall

Notes from my scorecards this fall (there are too many to write a bunch of short stories and have a collection of vignettes like I had hoped):

Cape Cod 7s
From Anna: Whistle tone is good. For breakdowns think of checklists!! What makes a tackle, what makes a ruck.

Middlesex 7s
From Brad Kleiner: I carried myself with more authority in the 2nd match w men than in the 1st match w all the women’s players I know… take that into my next games. Authority!

Goal: breakdown checklist

  1. Be more decisive!! And authoritative! Don’t let them argue or change the call for their disadvantage (like taking quick taps while I’m talking. I should just not engage but also remind players that quick taps need to be taken in FRONT of me and at the mark.)
  2. I F’d that up near the goal line.. penalty should be no closer than 5, don’t let them retake it – why would they be cocky and agree??
  3. Better game management – be more authoritative
  4. Scan @ breakdowns
  5. Watch for obstruction and when it’s material or not, judge consequence better

Feedback: shorter / faster scrum engagement -> Ok. It sucks to be crouched down there. Tell the backrows early on that they need to be bound before I can start. Maybe ask some forwards how they feel about that. By the way from Peter Watson: no such thing as “accidental obstruction”. It’s either obstruction (PK) or accidental offsides when bumping into own players (Scrum)

Beantown Tourney: Uconn v BU
1. Manage gate at rucks – This was fine.
2. Game management – I was too wordy, telling them phases cleans it up since they’re smart
3. Watch feed, collapsing scrums – didn’t see this
Halftime from Bridget:
1. Tell them what phase they’re in  and it worked magic
2. Get out of being right there in the middle of the mess if you can – I’m not predicting the game well. She’s right, I wasn’t thinking about it.
Bad mistakes:
1. I accidentally called player offside even though she came from an onside position because I thought she was going the other way and had previously infringed GAH scrum restart (SORRY)
2. F’d up try scoring call – playing on ground. (The player on the ground was tackle debris, perhaps a supporting player who fell / tripped to ground, picked up ball and put it closer to her side and then her team scored)

Beantown Tourney: Wellesly Williams
“Mindy says Hi” – for Kerri
Observation: It was very one-sided. Wellesley was hesitant in contact and had poor support on attack so Williams had 90% of the possession.

Gotham Japan
Personal Feedback:
1. Playing ball on ground when players want to “join the ruck” but without binding, kind of touch shoulders and drive while hands are reaching down to grab the ball… work on identifying tackle-ruck transition Em!
2. Offside. I was staring straight at Japan, making sure they were onside, and they launched so fast that Gotham, who had slower ball movement and handling, was positively definitely sure that Japan was offside. But they were not – just incredibly fast.


  • Offside at lineout (jumping to other side illegal)
  • Tackler doesn’t need to come through gate… what if tackles player, attacking team rucked over so fast that tackler gets “pooped out” but is really just debris they stepped over, but since attackers didn’t protect the ball, tackler just stands up, ball is out and in front of him, picks it up and goes. Issue: never rolled away but Materiality: didn’t affect actual ruck at all, just the outcome… hmmmm
    Feb 2014 UPDATE: Player that is offside at ruck remains offside even after the ruck has ended.
  • SO MOUTHY. I need to work on game management. Even though it doesn’t phase me, players having the freedom to come in my face and yell detracts from my authority during the match.
  • 3 30 minute periods. fitness.  happy Japanese fans, family, kids, so pleasant
  • coach told me “you can’t manage the breakdown and watch offsides… you can’t ever do both” -> I disagree! I might not be there yet but it’s definitely possible.
  • It’s awesome that I can set up to ref in NYC  so casually!
  • Tackler doesn’t have a gate but maybe instead I should call for not rolling away – but what if he’s never in the way? … is it fair?
  • Offsides at lineout – can you land on other side if ball is still in channel? – no, and dangerous?
  • Tackler assist not the tackler
  • It’s definitely not impossible to watch the breakdown and offside. But maybe like Gary Devoe says – you can’t multitask.. true, but I can move at lightening speed like FLASH. one day.

Ironsides Black River
1. Narrate Tackle, Ruck  Did ok. better on tackles (not too preemptive and wrong) but need to identify quicker what makes a ruck and see if hands on the ball / possession is won first
2. Game Management much better than previous men’s games.. no large amounts of disagreement and complaints, although touch judge said he saw punches from Boston a few times and handled it there – thanks TJ
3. Breakdown checklist (tackle ->  zone -> strip -> ruck -> no hands) improving but still needs a lot of work
1. Sloppy breakdowns – couldn’t be prevented w scrappy less technically trained D4, but there are ways to manage the tackle and transition to ruck better
2. Watch for high tackles again!
3. and Emily – CALL FEEDS
ALSO remind teams in pre-game that quick taps need to be taken in front of me at the mark (place of infringement)

UMDartmouth vs West Conn
1. Breakdown Management. There were no rucks! Hard to work on. Tackles were fine. Some were high – accidental and no cards because learning game. Stern warning instead.
2. Narrate Tackle, Ruck. It probably didn’t mean anything to them. I was getting caught between the split second a ruck would form over the ball and the ball shooting out before any contest.
3. Be decisive.
In general learn signals for:
1. playing on ground
2. unbinding from scrum
3. playing player without the ball?

9/25 Referee meeting:
-Tackle-Ruck transitions, gator roll, pulling through, not engaging in rucks
-Running lines on defensive loose side of scrums
-Only hind-most player can unbind and pick up the ball at back of scrum WHOOPS

10/11 MMA v Salve
-Game Management – got very tense since close game. Slowed down and talked to capts, no close calls to Ycs. Typically ignored shouting, but maybe I can be more proactive about stopping it arrgh I’m so bad at that. Men are so large!
-Ruck Checklist – could def use work – be more decisive!! Call what you see!
-Using #s – better…?
Kick =/= advantage over, coach.

10/12 BC v Army
Peter Watson coach!!! (see report)
-Numbers – good!
-Game Management
-Quick decisions at ruck
-Movement at scrums and rucks
-Take step back to open up your vision! And get ready to move to / predict next phase
-Blood sub 15min whoops – remind them near the cutoff!

10/12 Tufts UNH
-Ruck scrum movement – OK
-Numbers & Colors – OK
-Quick Decisions @ rucks – BAD!!!!
-Remember, HAND SIGNAL simultaneously w whistle, don’t slow ball down if you’re taking away their advantage!
-YELLOW CARDS EM! (must keep PK count and escalate discipline!)
-Watch hands on ball in ruck
-Hands on face – dangerous! – stiff arm to face YC
-Met Joe Dolan (Boston, knows Mike Dimo, stiff arm help, son plays for Tufts)

10/19 Harvard Princeton
#s in rucks
Ruck decisions
Princeton feedback:
1. Hands on ball – must identify tackler, assists, and others quicker Em!
2. assuming penalties at a scrum… I think I could’ve done that in that situation. He disagrees but it was probably correct because it didn’t happen again? Good point though… how to police both sides of a scrum??? Can I hop around like at a maul? hmmmm
3.  knock into hands = offsides penalty. (playing in offsides position eh?)

10/26 Salve Endicott in Newport
-Use #s (good)
-Scrum, ruck positioning (better? Much better flick of head scan for offsides)
-Tackle ruck transition. Police tacklers & assist (better but could still use a LOT of work)
Ps. If no ruck is formed, ball is offsides line right??
Feb Update: NOPE! If there is no ruck, there is no offside line. There is zone entry at the tackle area though.

PC Bentley
Goals: Breakdown, See more knocks
Feedback: I can be more strict on offside calls

11/02 Princeton (10) at Dartmouth (12)
>Police Tackler & Assist (from previous outings and scouting of teams… this seemed to be fine. Preventative chats worked)
>Offsides (also fine)
>#s – good?better?
Princeton feedback:
>watch dangerous tackles / clotheslines… I didn’t think they were tip-tackles but maybe they were. I feel like I’ve been too lenient this season. Watch the film they send out, Em!
Dartmouth feedback:
>The foul play in the end
My feedback:Better Judgement
>Standing up in scrum = PK
>Watch high tackles
>Stay in contact area near in goal what? I don’t get this one “Stay on contact area”
>Lineout straightness

11/17 Cianci 7s
  • Northeastern 1 v JWU/U23 –wake up game… not so good, Em.
  • Brown 2 v JWU/U23
  • Good contest / ball availability at ruck – watch the tackler rolling away in addition to ball – scan ruck!
  • Positioning / anticipating play –  OK except that one incident at touch at end of game! Make better decisions near touch.
  • Foul Pay – Review those vids, Em!
  • UMD v UNH
  • Breakdown / ball availability – better
  • Positioning / Anticipation – OFFSIDE. I got too sucked in at breakdowns and SUPER E-W instead of N-S: STAY SQUARE!!!
  • Foul Play – fine here.
  • This was the weirdest and slowest 7s game I’ve ever seen. 5 min of scrums to start the 2nd half… and they weren’t even subtle so I couldn’t let things play on.
  • NEU v URI
  • Pay attention to offside /
  • Position at rucks
  • Ball Availability
  • I have a whole homestory cup (starcraft 2) rant on my iPhone voice memo on the drive home!
Notes from my scorecards this fall

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