Game Day

Literally. We had a game WEEKEND with so many of the rugby fam! 

Locations: Hot Club, Farmer’s Market, OMAC, Nelly, Grassy patch, LOS ANDES, Foosball arena, Homes.

Saturday Games:

  • bball (daaaaaamn KFlo’s a ringer. She’s got moves!)
  • NELLY (a couple of failed snatches, 5×5 sqt cleans, other adult playground things like squats, pushups, etc)
  • Played touch with the kids after their tackling practice. Kathy’s got jukes for days too.
  • 4:30 on Saturday could be summarized in one word, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT. Which was also a casual eating competition of course.
  • Foosball
  • Scategories
  • Bananagrams
  • Cookies

Bagel Gormet breakfast | Coffee Exchange | Schmanna tried to get on the wrong bus | Did some work @ Tea & Java | Found USA v NZ online!!!! (became the reward for getting work done) | Gathered friends to watch the rugby game and then found the USA WOMEN’S SOCCER GAME TOO!

I learned about Meghan  Mutrie – a one person production… which will be ME except I’m not going for the structured reporting style. Imma start this solo entrepreneurship venture that is still mostly TBD. Oh, and there was a BWRFC strategic meeting which brought more of the rugby fam together! Meg, Ruth, Kerri :) ALSO BLIZZCON (T_T JD) <–BIGGEST GAMES OF THEM ALL!!!!! 

And because this made me feel like a Hobbit:

I couldn’t be a happier hobbit with all the food, festivities, feasting, friends, and fun that was had this weekend.

ps. Kathy connected me with Dana Teagarden and WOA we’re Skyping next weekend (!!!!) but first I have to pass the test, as in, answer a whole heap of questions.

Game Day

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