Ordinary Wizarding Levels. Online Writing Lags. Since the beginning of summer, I’ve learned countless things about refereeing, but perhaps the most undeniable is the fact that these things are all easier to me than updating this blog :

  • Posting on my other blog
  • Keeping a hidden, unpolished document of goals and reflections for all my games
  • Learning how to play guitar
  • Cooking every day
  • Scheming about my next food or rugby related project
  • Playing Hearthstone Beta
  • Watching hours of twitch.tv
  • Wishing GTA V would be released for PC
  • Going to ref meetings and classes
  • Watching and studying IRB refs in match replays
  • Reciting every line from LoTR: Fellowship of the Ring
  • Eating 20 wings in 1.5hrs and not being full
  • The list could go on and on and on and on…

But! I’m here to declare that tomorrow could be my last ref assignment for the season, and it’s the Women’s Ivy Championship tournament! (Eeeek!) I feel like it’s my final test of the year. The final boss. My Onyxia. So I’m determined to read the law book like I used to do in the spring before all my games, and like Amelia did before all her games her first year. Let the cramming begin!


I’m all about the flash backs and memories too: SUPER pumped to be going back to Dartmouth for Ivy Championships after 2 years – cheering for the same team, surrounded still by AWESOME friends, but playing a different role :)


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