(and BACK AGAIN) …a n00b’s tale, by referee.em

Good morning! As I’m finally sitting down to chronicle my journey since the beginning of summer, my brain can’t help but bring up the visuals of Bilbo sitting down at the beginning of FoTR to begin writing “There and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Tale. by Bilbo Baggins“. The task before is a daunting one, because not only have I not published anything since early June, I’ve been collecting snippets here and there in my email(s), on various computing devices, and on random pieces of paper that are inevitably lost somewhere now.  Of course, like any good dream that I write down, every thought is gold ^^ …I must recover my long forgotten gold.

my alter ego
my alter ego

Really! I haven’t forgotten about this blog! There are drafts of unpublished blog posts in all the months since June 13. Now I will do my best to make like Hermione and time-turner my blog into the fittest of shapes. When I’m finished, there will be no trace of the 4 month neglect! I can’t promise that it’ll be as wonderful as the legend himself’s though.

Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East.for the tag [LFG] at the start of my older posts to identify which were significantly time-turner’d! (LFG in this context stands for “long forgotten gold”. I can’t deny that sharing an acronym with “looking for group” makes me smile though.)

It is rumored that I hit Emma Watson with a lion dance drum. 50% true.
Join me on the adventure!

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