[LFG] Picture this:

Your level 15 Squirtle (because why would you start with any other pokemon?)  just gained enough exp points and What? Squirtle is evolving! B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B Huh? Squirtle stopped evolving!

That’s me.

I took the lvl 2 referee course, but even with the class exp under my belt, I’m still the same n00b. Maybe this is actually better because, like pokemon, I get to retain my speed and learn moves faster as a youngling! (Cue scenes of Pikachu rejecting the Thunderstone and Squirtle wearing his sunglasses at night.) I was also reminded of my fear of “public speaking”. Role playing was extremely difficult, and I feel even less confident coming out of the class than going into it.

My self assessment, action plan, and notes:

A small highlight of things I learned:

  • It’s easy to film a few sec on a smartphone
  • Captains are on my team (ideally)
  • What distinguishes top refs from the rest is their judgement of advantage and materiality and their ability to manage players
  • Gary Devoe (the ref from 2008 Army!) likes use the gender neutral word, “gang”
  • Write goals on back of scorecard. Easy to check in after each try
  • Good to wait 24 hrs before assessing the game, your goals, and feelings (give yourself some mental space) but to do it by the following Tuesday
  • Rugby is good for world travels
  • Skip knows I can do it ^^

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