[LFG] Went to MAINE with the rugby family (the best family)

Then to a Belles 7s practice where I wasn’t needed and instead did deathflops + 100 burpees and got PRs woo!

CapeCod 7s after the jump!

I think I’m in a slump – or just feeling less motivated because it’s the summer. My tackle area judgement is terrible. I’m really bad at judging rucks/poaching/not-releasing in 7s – it all just happens so fast and I think I’ve been really inconsistent.

But we all have those days huh? Mulan wasn’t saving China in her first few months as a warrior.

More CapeCod7s thoughts:

  • Feedback from Anna at halftime of the game on the middle field: whistle tone is good. Ok. For breakdowns think of checklists!! What makes a tackle, what makes a ruck.
  • ALYCIA UCONN was there!!! Of course! hahaha she rules
  • They said refs are encouraged to ref in costume… but I was the only one! At least everyone knew my name.
  • I love our eclectic bwrfc sidekick family
  • Thanks Ploips! for keeping me company in the last match like a mom watching her 5 yr old at a dance rehearsal

“Oh, you’re BOY Mulan!” – A
“Of course I’m warrior Mulan! Who else would I be?” – E


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