[LFG]  I’ve had about 5 assignments so far (about 20 games)… am I in Silver league yet?
On Sunday I reffed the final of the regional High School All Star Championship: MYRO vs NY. It ended in a 5-5 tie when NY scored a try in the last minute of the game :O Unfortunately that means I have to buy all the other refs a drink, right? Fortunately everyone was in high spirits afterward because they all felt like winners haha… oh to be young again! It was a relief, because I could see the sadness dawning on MYRO player’s faces when they let in the tying try, but thankfully then one of the coaches shouted “we’re both winners!” and everyone was hugging and smiling. That was easy!
I also got a piece of feedback that makes me soooooo happy :)
Hi Em,
I just want you to know I thought you did a great job refereeing the final game this past Sunday.  For a tight and high energy game, you kept control the entire 70 minutes and were focused, engaged, and never lost pace.  I thought even from our match at Algonquin there were improvements.  You have a great future in refereeing and I’m psyched to see more women taking on the whistle!
Thanks again

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