Life’s been a whirlwind  for the past month. As it turns out, I drafted a blog update back on May 28th that said:

Alumni Game
Dreams dreams everywhere
Meeting allstars – Steph Bruce lines like WOA

But I’m not sure what all of that means anymore – blaming it on my short term concussion memory, I can’t help it!

on 3 hrs of sleep
My “is it halftime yet?” face at the alumni game ^^”

I’ll tackle this by way of lists. Since Newport…

  • I’ve refereed 3 times: 1. Girls high school 2. Brown alumnae 3. Beantown 7s round robin
  • Group personal training classes have ended at Boyle’s. During that stint:
    • Max Trapbar DL: 225# x 6 (or was it 8? I forget ><)
    • Max Bench: 115#
    • Max (very real!) chin-ups: 5
    • Max RFE split squats: 110#
    • Max body weight: 144#
    • Min body weight: 133# (yikes!… after not eating for 4 days at reunion weekend)
  • I’ve consumed a year’s worth of chowder in several hours at NEWPORT CHOWDER FEST
  • Entrepreneurial dreams and other life aspirations have overwhelmed my brain, but it’s a good thing!
  • I decided to move to the city! Sad to see the money go though ):
  • I played (touch) rugby for the first time since September 4, 2012… at the 7s round robin! ahh the glory of breakaway tries is such a high.

Here are some pics from the Brown alumni game I “refereed”, with a heavy emphasis on the quotation marks hahaha. The atmosphere all weekend was ridiculously, mind blowing-ly, awesome. So many friends, new friends, bwrfc love… it was everything. I’m so grateful to have all these experiences and honored that  I got to step on the pitch with so many superstars and my heroes. <3

another Whirlwind.


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