NERFU Cup 2013

I’m such a negligent blogger.  It’s been over a week since the NERFU cup in Newport, so I’ll keep it short and simple here.

Newport was amazing. Fun. Awesome people. Awesome friends.  Awesome new friends. Awesome rugby. I love that I’m still a part of the rugby world, just in a different form now. Kind of like Hagrid, who couldn’t be a student anymore but got a second chance to be the gamekeeper, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts. And this analogy worked out way better than I had hoped because as a referee I feel sort of (literally) like a keeper of the game.  A keeper of the spirit of rugby, of peace, safety, fairness, and law. (Unlike Gandalf, who is a disturber of the peace.)

I’ve lost the direction of this post. So I’ll just summarize some of the great feedback I got from the ref coaches (Thanks Richard Parker and Peter!!):

  1. Movement and Position. Try to stay within the 15s and put yourself in a good position to move to the next breakdown / where the ball is going. At rucks, it’s good that I’m N-S but bad that I’m always in the left saddle and too close in the traffic. I need to move further away once I’ve initially managed the tackle. Again it’ll help stay out of traffic and help my next movements when the ball is out (curve back first when ball goes from 9 to 10).
  2. Scrum. Don’t rush the cadence. Have it mean something. It’s important for safety, and again positioning: move around once the ball is hooked to have a better view of flankers and to have a better position to run where the ball is going next.
  3. Control. I have a whistle – I should use it more! (Instead of running back to where captains are to tell them about the penalty, blow my whistle and make them come to me.) Also, don’t say advantage too much otherwise it’ll lose meaning. Related to this, don’t linger around where advantage was called.

And as always, a few law mistakes that were cleared up.

Sorry that I have a level 10 headache (possibly concussion related) right now and am not more cheerful. This post seems to be lacking in my usual overuse of exclamation points! In conclusion  NERFU/Newport was awesome. I’m so happy, grateful, and lucky that I got to be a part of it. Thanks everyone!!

Also, to top of the weekend I got a coffee coolata at DD on the drive home with a DD Gift card and it made me sooooooooo happy :) Perfect addition to my weekend of tasty (free) treats. Eating cheese and crackers like a hungry and poor college student, enjoying tasty medium rare steak, getting pleasantly surprised by delicious ice cream covered in white chocolate with a raspberry sherbet inside, and topping a coffee coolata off with a whipped cream mountain was def a highlight of the weekend. Mmmmmmm.

coffee coolata

NERFU Cup 2013

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