Woke up to Amsterdam 7s on a beautiful Saturday morning. I love rugby on my Saturdays :) Since I’m posting this retroactively a month later, here’s what I drafted wayyy back a few weeks ago:

Chelsea Gurr! Brilliant ref from NZ who’s 26. After the instinctual bit of a little google stalking searching, I stumbled across these: bebo profile and short article. She started in year 12. Is that senior year of HS? If so, 18->26 = 8 years. My goal of becoming an international referee before I’m 30 seems reasonable then! Of course there are so many variables but let’s not get too analytical right now.

I’m glad my dream is still in sight. If Step 1 is to tell everyone about it, then I think I’m well on my way to accomplishing the first step, because if the internet is the whole world, then I’ve told the world! But so much of the world is not the internet haha…

More off the cuff thoughts & obsrevations I had during the Amsterdam 7s marathon:

  • Does the tackler have to release when a player in open play has gone to a knee but the ball’s not on the ground? I should review the definitions of tackles and rucks…
  • I should’ve cooled down after reffing yesterday! My right hamstring knee hurts, the one that’s always given me problems
  • 2 Whistles for time off/on
  • Whistle for 22 touchback/dropout
  • Sherry Trumbull googled
  • Intentionally hitting the ball out is a penalty, but why was it in the middle?
  • Time off for subs (2 short blasts of whistle)
  • They have cool whistle wrist guys, and all right handed with their whistles
  • I can hear the tackles, the bodies colliding – it’s poetic
  • Longer sleeves on NZ jerseys – I like them way better than shorty sleeves of USA jerseys!
  • I weigh 10 stone! (almost… not since my wisdom teeth extraction)

(ps Gurr’s post about NZ losing the world cup is super humanizing and offers interesting perspective. I think it’s a totally justified way of expressing a good competitive rugby mentality.)

Oh yeah, I reffed my first HS girl’s game yesterday. Algonquin vs Newton. Good stuff.


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