Saturday’s adventures continued…

After the Old Gold v Northshore game I stopped by Target to buy a digital watch with a countdown feature. All the watches <$30 could only count down in the following minutes:

1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45

Whattt??? I need 40!!! So I ventured across the parking lot to Best Buy, Marshalls, and TJMax to no avail. Instead I emerged from the couple hours of shopping with AVATAR THE SUPER SPECIAL EXTENDED COLLECTOR’S EDITION ON DVD!!!!! And a Captain America iPhone case for $3.99 woohooo!

photo   IMG_7673

I also recorded pre-game and post-game voice memos on my phone which can be summarized as:

Pre-game: I’m nervous as hell! I rarely felt nervous before games as a player. I’d go into every game thinking, “we got this. nbd”, but as a referee when I pulled up to the pitch on Saturday I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I guess there’s a lot of self-imposed pressure to do well, which I think is a good thing since it pushes me to prep before every game (i.e. try to cram the law book the night before / morning of…) This time I went over checklists at lunch.

Post-game: I already wrote about my post-game reflections in my last post! But I’d like to mention that all my deep reflections came to me in the shower that night:

tldr; the pamphlet advertising for the Survival Guide to Pandora, shown in the first picture, made me chuckle… because I already own it! Thanks friends who gifted it to me for my bday last year!!

photo (1)


Saturday’s adventures continued…

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