Last minute!

In the spirit of finals period happening right now at Brown… I’m also updating this blog as last minute as possible! Eek!

Last Saturday was Old Gold (2nd side) v Northshore (2nd side) 33-19.
Bridget was there! She gave me lots of helpful tips at halftime. This included: don’t run with my advantage arm sticking out, and if no advantage is materializing just blow the whistle! She also said it’s good that I’m squaring up at breakdowns (north-south) but I’m still not scanning.

Incorrect PK (ie ball never leaves hands)? A: Scrum to other team.
Not taking kick-off at center? A: Incorrect kick-off is either re-kick or scrum at 50, or lineout if it went directly into touch. But really, as part of game management I can prevent that. Make them listen to you, Em!

Don’t be afraid to award penalty tries! And give Yellow cards!
Did I accomplish my goals from last week?
I think I better judged advantages for scrum v PKs… especially after Bridget’s advice at half.
Pre-game chats and game management from the start can really be improved.
Penalize that scrumhalf for tripping and prop for dragging down – stop being soft because they WILL take advantage of it!!

There was a Northshore player from Andover! We were on the track team together in highschool.
My hair stays up w an extra loop of the hair tie!

Better positioning at set piece
Better use of advantage
Better scanning at breakdown of offsides
Better authority! Give cards! Penalize! You’re the boss!

Last minute!

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