Quick stats rundown from the weekend… full update coming soon!

Beast of the East:

  • Number of games refereed: 8
  • Number of miles run: Too many
  • Number of miles run: jk, but more than I ever have in a weekend… >18?
  • Number of Subway half-sandwiches eaten on Sunday in one sitting: 6
  • Bottles of water consumed: not enough, (n-1)
  • Number of times I told someone about this blog: 3
  • New friends made: A LOT :D:D:D
  • Number of moments I thought, “I love rugby!”: too many to count

Post-Beast workout on Monday when I thought I couldn’t possibly lift, highlights:

  • Weight before workout: 142
  • New Trapbar Deadlift PR: 10 x 215
  • Weight after workout: 139.6

What I felt like when running into the chaos to prevent a brawl in the men’s game.
THUNDER![er whistle]

What I need to do more of
How I actually feel when I have to run
What I hope to be one day.


D2 women: TCNJ vs Marist
D2 women: Rutgers vs Hamilton
D2 women: Vermont vs Bryant
D2 women: Rutgers vs Vassar

D2 women: Maine vs Binghamton
D2 men: BU vs TCNJ
D1 women: Yale vs Harvard
D3 women: Colby vs UMassDartmouth


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