I was traveling with the Brown women’s team this past weekend as they competed in the first round of Nationals! The BWRFC reminds me of Transformers (or Power Rangers)… you know when it’s time to get serious and they epic-ly join together as one, each with their own super abilities but coming together as one ridiculously awesome being?


BWRFC….. ASSEMBLE! Is pretty much how things went down. I love the BWRFC family!

It’s only fitting that my first game as a referee was with Brown also. Last Saturday, 4/6, was a big day! Started with Cheerios, Ploegs, and a 6am lawbook cram session that was not very effective. Kerri had asked me to be what I’m calling the “charity ref” a few days before so I happily agreed. Can’t turn down an offer to help the bwrfc!

It’s been over a week since that game and I’ve been too lazy to blog about it, but in general I think it went well! I was definitely the most smiley and unofficial ref there ever was, but it worked out perfectly because it was a friendly B-side game between RWU and Brown Bs. 30min halves, open-subbing, players in new positions, etc. More details after the jump!

My first game as referee


Some thoughts:

  • No complaints from the coaches so that’s a good sign! I was worried that Kerri would say “that ref has no flow!” 
  • The RWU coach said “you can ref us anytime” :D His father-in-law was nice too, had halftime chats with him.
  • A lot of repeated playing on the ground infractions that were yellow card worthy, but I didn’t think it was appropriate for this game?
  • Definitely caught myself too late watching the game unfold from afar… oops!
  • It made me happy that I could catch up with anyone who had a breakaway. yay fitness!
  • Hard time controlling locations of line outs and scrums. The players kept setting wherever they felt like it. Gotta work on managing that with confidence
  • I said a lot of “play-on!”s when I didn’t see what happened. My bad.
  • Rucks were pretty clean because of zero rucking from Brown, but I should work on the checklist of things to methodically think quickly through each time.
  • What do I do when 1 team doesn’t engage in a not-officially-a-maul at the lineout? Do I penalize RWU for binding together? I guess I should’ve done that, but the Brown players just stood around looking confused while RWU didn’t drive at all but just moved the ball out so I let the play go on.
  • What to do when there are 2 not-straight lineouts in a row? I forgot! Gave the first team a scrum at 15 but maybe should’ve been a choice?
  • Made an incorrect hands-in-the-ruck call when RWU player was legally poaching before the ruck was formed. Then she got angry and yelled at me but I just repeated “Penalty Red” and her teammates told her to calm down and not yell at me hahaha. my bad though.
  • I don’t remember making any secondary signals for penalties but that’s alright!
  • TG there was a try at the last minute because I totally forgot to keep track of time in the second half! Ended right on time :)

Finally, thanks friends for being super awesome and supportive and asking “how was reffing? how’d it go?” etc. I have the best friends! Thanks Adria for asking “Was it fun??” because it made me realize – IT WAS FUN.

Shoutout to Thuy Trang, the original yellow power ranger. I love this.


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