To Be Continued…

I thought of a new acronym in my spare time: The “Gotta Ref Em All! – Challenge”, or GREACH. I really just want to quote lotr… “Reeeeeeach!” – Sam to Frodo in Mount Doom.

The adventure continues. I feel like my life is analogous to ep 1 of Pokemon  when Ash is watching two pros on tv battle it out the night before his big day. The image of Gengar vs. Nidorino is pretty much burned into the memory of any kid who grew up in the 90s playing Pokemon R/B. It feels like I’m there, waiting in anticipation, watching my idols on the big screen and getting pumped/dreaming about making it to that stage myself. (ps I’m pretty sure that Onyx’s trainer in the opening scene is Bruno. How fitting :D)

But Ash was not really prepared at all! He overslept! His idea of what was going to happen was not what actually went down by a hookshot longshot. It all worked out in the end with Pikachu though didn’t it?

What I’m getting at is, I think I just have to take that stumble out if bed (hopefully a little more composed than Ash was) and dive right in to this Pokemon reffing world. I have my trusty Pikachu (thunderer whistle) and I’m on my way to Viridian Forrest! Sure it’s full of dangers and challenges ahead, but I’m also sure that I’ll make some Misty & Brock friends along the way!

IRL: I went to Providence this weekend to watch Anna ref a men’s game. Being on the sideline with Peter was so helpful. But again it’s just watching and visualizing. I have to actually do it at this point! How much can you really prepare before you’re on your own way with your own pair of fresh undies? Anna was awesome though- thanks for helping me learn so much before I even start reffing. And for your extra ref jerseys! So happy to save money. On that note, I also went to rugby imports to exchange a scrum cap and Beantown socks for: 2 shorts with pockets, black socks, and linesman flags. I’m so ready. But I’m so not ready.

Gotta ref em all!

(Oh and did I mention TM001? That story is to be continued…)

To Be Continued…

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