37 °C, >95% humidity, 5% CO2. Check.

Incubating. I’m incubating!

February is quite short, and so far I haven’t done anything except incubate since matches don’t start until March. On Feb 2nd, I went to rugby imports after calling to make sure they’d be open on a Saturday only to be crushed because they were close bahhhh. Turns out the Saturday worker was let go after my phone call the day before? Oh well.

I carried on looking for ref gear online and oo-ing and ahh-ing at things but not actually buying them. Turned out to be the right decision! Thank goodness incubating about reffing is not nearly as involved as culturing cells!…waiting on them seemed like a 24/7 job. They were just like babies! Needed to be fed, changed (media), split… tg ref gear doesn’t cost $3000 either!

37 °C, >95% humidity, 5% CO2. Check.

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