January in a Nutshell

1/19: I emailed the NERRS recruitment email again saying I was certified!

The week following: didn’t hear back from nerrs. It was my 3rd email about wanting to ref so I was getting confused. Luckily I had emailed Brad a thankyou for a great course in NY and he put me in touch w friends at nerrs. Yay networking! Brad-> Peter -> Anna emails got me really pumped!!! I can’t believe that Anna has kids, is a national level ref, AND IS IN MED SCHOOL whaatttttt. I can only hope to be 1/3 as accomplished hahah.

Also there’s a rugby law book app for the iPhone! And an app for England’s team. That night I downloaded

2 rugby apps +

2 Hobbit apps =


1/26: Providence! Had a sweet dinner at Sun & Moon (mmmm) w Myrta Mee$h and EmRod, and I told them about my ref ambitions. They were the most supportive! I’m so happy that all my friends approve of my new dreams. They’re awesome.

1/27: I hopped on over to the nerrs AGM 1 week after getting certified (and 4 hrs after going to bed…) My feelings in a nutshell: so many opps for women! yes! Amelia’s going to Gloucester. That’s so cool!!! She’s also applying to the NZ opp. In general, seems like the best thing to do is dive right in. Wow, a whole different rugby world. Seems like I’ve only seen <.0001% of it. So much more to it outside of BWRFC. Bonus: Guy in the lobby said he liked the Brown Women’s Rugby website :D

1/28: Starting to read the law book for reals this time w the rugby app for iPhone!

A law a night keeps the dream in sight?

January in a Nutshell

2 thoughts on “January in a Nutshell

  1. The recruiting email address was going to an inbox that had been shut down, but the forwarding link had not been updated.

    So don’t worry, we weren’t ignoring you, we just couldn’t hear you!


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