Let’s go!

I feel like I’m at the starting line of Luigi’s Raceway for the first time- a confused Toad being controlled by a confused little 6-year old kid playing N64 for the first time. It’s as if I’m holding A before Lakitu’s blue light and spinning out right at the start. So many questions! But you gotta start somewhere! Poor Toad, he’s always getting crushed by the big guys. I wonder how many concussions he’s had, or if the giant mushroom is like the ultimate head protection.

At least I’m with friends!
SamAdria,  I’m glad you’re with me” – FrodoEm

The adventure began on January 19th, 2013 in NYC. I’m here with Adria and new friend R2 as a weekend bonus to the main reason I’m here, LOTRTDMME. Or LORD OF THE RINGS THEMED DINNER MOVE MARATHON EXTRAVAGANZA! I won’t go into detail, but I can confidently say with star-power confidence that this weekend was the most awesome fun time weekend ever and I’ve never had more fun living and breathing LOTR.

But more importantly for my unexpected journey – I’m certified!

Couldn’t feel less qualified but hey, did Bilbo really know what he was getting into when he signed on? Hell no. But did he turn out okay? Yeah! Rich and famous too!  Here we go!

If you haven’t gotten enough lotr analogies yet, how about this: Gandalf was Bilbo’s unexpected visitor on that fateful good morning as my 3rd concussion was to me on that fateful evening. Got some sense and perspective knocked into me by a few strangers (mostly this article), had a little nudge out of the door to New York… and I’m off!

Let’s go!

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